Accu-Measure Skinfold Calipers
Beware of Fakes!

There are many fake copies of the Accu-Measure personal body fat calipers to be found online. Only the original Accu-Measure Calipers guarantee accurate results. How do you spot a fake? It is not always very easy, but these points may help you identify an original Accu-Measure caliper.

  1. accu-measure original packaging Composition: The fake Accu-Measure caliper is made of a different plastic composite compared to the original, and is of slightly different coloring.
  2. Patent Information: the fake caliper does not have the Patent information on the back nor does it state where the product is made – USA Original item has “US Patent 5156161, Canadian Patent 2127888 EPO Patent 0616506″
  3. Functioning: the fake calipers do not work as described; the press button should make a “click” sound when pressed and then return to it’s natural position. The fake item however often gets stuck after pressing and does not retract back to its natural position.
  4. Packaging: The fake calipers come in a plastic pouch with a zip seal with the instructions on a piece of paper. The originals usually (but not always) come in a moulded plastic pack (clam shell).
  5. Markings: the Accu-Measure text on the fake caliper is smaller and not as bold as the original and the letters are not raised (embossed).

more can be seen by watching this video:


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