Design of the Accu-Measure Caliper

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accumeasure patentfrom the US patent

Patent number: 5156161
Filing date: Aug 2, 1991
Issue date: Oct 20, 1992

" A skinfold caliper for measuring body fat percentages having two opposing clamping surfaces mounted on rigid arms which are connected at their lower end by a resilient member. The caliper includes a cantilever arm having a substantially circular projection engaging a dimple formed in the caliper when the clamping surfaces exert a predetermined pressure level. This creates an audible and tactile signal to the person performing the measurement indicating that the predetermined pressure level has been reached. A slide on a measuring scale is engaged by one of the arms as the clamping surfaces move toward one another and releases the slide as the clamping surfaces move away from one another. The pointer on the slide will thus stay at the point on the scale where the clamping surfaces gauged the thickness of the subcutaneous layer of fat of the skinfold. "

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