Accu-Measure Skinfold Calipers
Research Papers

The Accu-Measure skinfold caliper has been shown to produce comparible results to more expensive calipers. Here is some of the available research.


Eckerson JM, Stout JR, Evetovich TK, Housh TJ, Johnson GO, Worrell N: Validity of Self-Assessment Techniques for Estimating Percent Fat in Men and Women. J Strength and Cond Res 1998, 12(4):243-247.



This study examined the validity of the Accu-Measure(TM) (AM) and the Futrex 1000 (F-1000) for estimating % body fat (BF) by comparing the estimates to values obtained from skinfold equations (Sum3). Thirty Caucasian men (age 23 +/- 3 yrs) and 26 Caucasian women (21 +/- 2 yrs) participated in the study. Subjects practiced, then determined their %BF using the AM and the F-1000, while skinfold sites from the Sum3 equations (men = abdomen, chest, thigh; women = triceps, suprailiac, thigh) were measured by an experienced investigator with a Lange caliper. The validity (vs. underwater weighing) for each procedure was detemiined by examining the constant error (CE), standard error of the estimate, r, and total error (TE). The results were similar for both genders and indicated that the AM, which resulted in the lowest TE values and nonsignificant (p > 0.02) CE values, was as accurate as the Sum3 equations for estimating %BF and is recommended over the F-1000 for selfassessments of body composition.


This clinical study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research by the National Strength & Conditioning Association showed that self-testing of body fat with the Accu-Measure was as accurate as results from multi-site measurements and calculations taken by an experienced clinical investigator using a Lange caliper. This study was done on college students with a range of body fat from 6.6% to 29.5% with an average of about 13% for men and 17% for women. Percent body fat calculations with the Accu-Measure were within 1.1% of underwater weighing results, the gold standard of body fat measurement.

A quote from the article:

"A salient feature of the AccuMeasure is that it is an inexpensive self-assessment technique that requires little skill to administer, therefore offering an attractive alternative for individuals who wish to determine their body composition without the inconvenience, expense, and lack of privacy of conventional body fat testing at clinics or recreational facilities."